7 Traits Of People With Passive-Aggressive Behaviour

Passive-aggressive people aren't toxic, it's their behaviour that makes them so.

Agnes needs your advice.

People with passive-aggressive personalities are good at driving others to the end of their patience, because they have little or no idea that they are actually doing these things to drive people crazy.
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People with this type of behaviour often believe they have been wronged or are completely misunderstood by other people.


According to YourTango, here are some traits that are similar with passive-agressive people:
1. They always feel the need to be right and will argue blindly to just make a point clear

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2. They believe nothing is ever their fault.
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3. Due to the feeling of being inadequate, they'll often criticise everything around them, ideas, people, uncontrolled situations.
4. They love to complain about being misunderstood  and unappreciated.


5. They have little or no respect for higher authority.
6. They are very good at saying negative things.
7. They'll rather lay blame on others for their own misdeeds that accept their own faults.
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