Creative ways to Low Love

These tips can be used by anyone, it doesn’t matter the status of your relationship. Truth is a great relationship doesn’t need expensive shows of affection all the time.
Romantic gestures in smallest ways goes a long a way in making our partners feel special.
Where words are not enough to express how madly in love we have falling for our partners, romantic gestures will do.
  • Watch a romantic movie together once a month and order all the rich takeout food you’ve been craving for the entire month. Switch off your phones, cuddle up for the evening and don’t move out of each other’s sight.
  • Perform an erotic dance. Even better if you have two left feet which leaves your partner in splits.
  • On the days that you forget to kiss your wife goodbye, drive back home and give her an intimate kiss and a bear hug *unless you’re in a hurry*. Or come back home now and then just to kiss your wife *because you missed her already!*
  • Give each other inexpensive well wrapped gifts every now and then. It could be chocolates, flowers, a game CD, or even a potted plant.]
  •  Give him a shave when he’s lazy. Help her brush her hair when she’s in a hurry.
  • Take a picture of yourself wearing your partner’s clothes and sext it to “the best partner in the world!”
  • Slip into bed naked and surprise your partner with your impromptu nudity. Tie a little ribbon around your waist or any strategic locations if you want to be their gift for the night.
  • Give your partner a foot massage when both of you are relaxing on the couch. Hold your partner’s hand and waltz while humming your lover’s favorite tune. Look for little ways to bring a smile on your lover’s face.
  • Whisper a message in your partner’s voice mail and say something naughty in the middle of the day.
  •  Help your partner prepare dinner and clean the dishes. Think of something innovative to do while you’re at it, like cooking while wearing nothing but aprons or a little food fight. 
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