How Reading Books Boosts Your Relationship

Here's an article by Leigh Weingus of Huffington Post explaining how your reading skills can make you better, especially your social interaction with people.
Good news for all you readers out there: Reading for pleasure has a lot of social benefits, according to a new report.
A poll of 4,000 UK adults found that people who read for pleasure have better social social skills, better parent-child communication, lower rates of depression and dementia and improved overall well being.
So, why is spending a bunch of time alone with a book so great for our relationships?
"Reading is closely linked to increasing understanding of our own identities and can also play a large part in relating to others, understanding their world views and so forth," stated the survey report from UK-based advocacy group The Reading Agency, according to BBC.
Of course, the benefits of getting lost in a book go way beyond the most recent research. A 2009 study found that reading helps overcome stress, while another small study found that people who read later in life had a 32 percent lower rate of mental decline. As if that's not enough, it may also help you sleep better.
Time to get cracking on those beach reads!
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