Islamic Teacher c@u-ght s3xu@lly ass@ulting h!s Pupils

ist 2A 32-year-old islamic teacher identified as Mallam Ibrahim Salley has been smoked out of h!s hiding place by the police for allegedly abu-sing children s3xu@lly. He was arrested by the police at h!s hideout at Asensu Bar in Ashaiman, away from the Valco Flats location where he lived.
A neighbour had expressed concern about the activities of the Mallam (or teacher) but he was asked to provide evidence by the persons to whom he complained. When he finally came out with a pictorial evidence of the m@n, uncl@d, as one of the pupils was su-ck!ng h!s m@n-ho0d, the p!cture spread quickly in the neighbourhood. See the full p!c 
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