W@TCH: Lesb!an Nigerian G!rl s3xu@lly M0lest a Little g!rl at the back of a fence

This s!ckening and very d!sturbing incident took place somewhere in Nigeria. Some media m0ms are still investigating where exactly in the country this took place.
The v!de0 shows a tee-nage ch!ld m!nder gr@bbing a little g!rl un-der h-er c@re and m0lesting h-er s3xually. The little vict!m is estimated to be between 5 and 6 ye@rs old.
A neighbour from an upstair room apparently filmed the v1de0, because it begins with someone sliding opening a window to get a better view of the m0lestation.
In the v!de0, the tee-nage g!rl can be seen raising the little g!rl’s dress, making the little g!rl str@ddle h-er and ru-bbing h-er pr!v@tes against the little g!rls pr!v@tes. Then sh-e places the g!rl on the d!rty floor beside a block fence and attempting to put h-er hands into the little g!rl’s p@nties. The tee-nage g!rl seems very cautious and keeps peeping at the end of the fence to see if someone is coming.
You can also see in the v!de0 that the little g!rl is very uncomfortable with what the teenage g!rl is doing to h-er. Something in h-er tells h-er it isn’t right and sh-e stands up from the floor immediately, dusting h-er h@nds.
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