Relationship Talk - "My girlfriend wants us to still be friends after breaking up with me"

Hi Bukky,
My name is Christian. I met this girl earlier this year, we fell in love and started dating. Although I've always loved her but didn't tell her because I was trying to be sure of what I felt. But I took the step when she told she had a huge crush on me. We started dating and trust me, it was everything I wanted.
Few months into the relationship, she started telling me of how tribalistic her dad was and how much he disliked yorubas (I'm a yoruba guy and she's from Anambra). I would normally tell her to keep calm that we would cross the bridge when the time comes.
Earlier this month, I went to school (she's still a student and I just graduated), we chatted and she told me she needed to break up with me because it's not leading anywhere because of her dad. She actually told her eldest sister about it and she reminded her of how much their dad disliked Yorubas (she showed me the chat).
I agreed to the break up, but she pleaded that she still wanted us to be friends because she doesn't want us to end up like her other ex's.
Do you think it's cool for me to remain her friend or I should just put an end to every form of communication? (She's an 18 year old lady  and I'm 24).
Hi Chris,
I really appreciate you sharing your concerns with me.
First of all, you are both really young people and it's hard to tell what the future holds. Sometimes the way we plan our lives isn't the way it unfolds for us.
From your letter, I can say that you really wanted this relationship to work out but the issue of your ethnic groups and families got in the middle of it all and you are both at the brink of a breakup.
As much as tribe shouldn't be a barrier to love, you have to understand that she is currently under the care of her parents and not yet independent enough to make her own decisions so in this case her parent's judgement will automatically trump yours.
If she says she wants to breakup because of her family's decision, it would make you a gentleman to respect her decision. But crossing her off your friends list is totally your decision to make.
It's obvious to see that she values the friendship you both had before the troubles started.
My advice is, as much as it hurts, its better to take a break first, get your feelings in check, then you can decide if you want to remain friends with her or explain to her that you need to cut ties to keep your sanity
As i said earlier, you never know what the future holds.
I wish you both the best.
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Yours truly!
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