Single Ladies - 10 ways to make men instantly attracted to you after a first date

Sometimes you wonder why a set of women get all good and adorable guys while the other set are almost forever single.
Make her horny for you with these tipsplay
Make her horny for you with these tips

It may be good to know that these ladies aren't exactly the prettiest in the room, all they have going for them is that charm.

So how do you become irresistible to those guys, enough to make one your boyfriend? Inspired by Your Tango, here are a few ways to become more attractive:
1. Learn to flatter the men sincerely
2. Don't be stiff when greeting guys
Couple on a dateplay
Couple on a date

3. Don't talk about other guys when on a date with one.

4. Learn to smile every time.
5. Let some things be imagines, too much information isn't required
Couple on a bad dateplay
Couple on a bad date

6. Try not to take your date for granted. Showing appreciation would work this time.
7. If you are attracted to him, little touch on his arm or leaning against him will be a soft reminder he can never ignore.

8. No sex till he declares interest and both of your are officially a couple.
Couple on a dateplay
Couple on a date

9. Stop being serious. Let your date see your playful side.
10. Discuss only positive topics, depressing talk should be thrown out the door.
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