5 reasons why you shouldn't get married

Arguing couple

Once upon a time, marriages were valued and as scarce as they come, but not so these days.
There are at least 6 marriages taking place in every local government, in Nigeria, on a weekly basis.

Where this would have been an inspiration for many others to put their lives together, as they prepare to settle down, the results of these half-cocked unions quickly turn into night mares for those that are still single.
Most ladies, I for one, had my life all planned out down to the suburbs; married at 22, done with kids at 30 and live happily ever after.
Ha! If only I had known the level of hypocrisy and mediocrity that goes on behind closed doors, so much so that the thought of marriage, once sweet and rosy, causes apprehension in my gut.
So why exactly shouldn't you get married now?
  • If you cannot picture yourself with your partner living as a married couple, do not bother.
  • Just how much can you take when it comes to your partner’s bad habits? If your partner’s habits already gets on your nerves with no changes in sight, marriage isn’t the solution.
  • Are you whole, complete, content, when you are alone? If you think you need your partner to feel whole, marriage should be the last thing on your mind.
  • Just how much do you love your spouse? Love embodies respect, submission, compromise, assistance and so much more. If you cannot picture yourself going out of your way, breaking your rules to make your marriage work, you are wasting your time.
  • What does marriage mean to you? If it is anything short of a partnership based on mutual trust and love, marriage is everything you do not need.

Fact is, marriage has become this thing we use to satiate our selfish needs and until we realize its worth, value, sanctity, we will never fully grasp its worth.
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