"My girlfriend wants us to get married but I'm still a corper"

My name is Samuel, I'm a 27-yr-old corper and I have a girlfriend who I'm a year older than and she will be resuming 300 level in her next semester.
We are truly in love with each other but the problem is that she is eager for us to marry at the end of 2016, I'll be rounding up NYSC in September.
My girlfriend is very faithful and a wife material, she says she'll never leave me unless I stop existing. I love her because she's got everything a man needs.
The problem here is that she's considering her age and want us to get married as soon as possible. She's the last girl and last born in her family.
Please, I need your advise on what to do because she already got me thinking.
Hello Samuel,
Thanks for sharing your concerns with me.
Marriage is a lifelong commitment and shouldn't be done due to pressure of any kind. As a man who is thinking of settling down, you shouldn't get married because it's what your girlfriend wants.
Ask yourself if you are ready to take up certain responsibilities as a married man or if she's ready for her responsibilities as a married woman and it's not just about finance, marriage is a different ball game.
She's an awesome person as you indicated in your letter, but you have to be realistic here. Learn to listen to yourself, you'll know if you are ready for marriage.
As  much as age is a consideration, you and your girlfriend should have a heart-to-heart discussion on this marriage issue, tell her how much you really care for her and how you don't want to be in a situation where you won't be able to provide for her and the family.
I wish you both best of luck.

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