10 things every woman must do before getting married

People often confuse intimacy for sex, though it is an important aspect, this doesn't cover the  term completely.
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Intimacy is a better understanding of your spouse and without it, couples might as well live as roommates.

Couples who wish to have better intimacy in their marriage should always avoid some issues in order to live a more fulfilling marital life.
Inspired by Marriage.com, here are 3 most common intimacy problems in marriage
1. Awkward sex: Rather than jumping right to the sex because you are aroused, foreplay and intimate talk is required. This would make sex more memorable for couples.
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2. Conceiving: This is a common problem in marriage. The ability to conceive to cause an issue for both husband and wife. But sometimes the woman is left to bear the problems alone which could destabilize her mentally. Going through this phase together and doing things like going for check ups together would bring you closer.

3. Faithfulness: Partners who wish to remain faithful to each other should learn to open up and discuss their needs with each other, this just doesn't build sexual support but an emotional one too.
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