3 reasons people take breakups harder than others

No two relationships are the same and this also applies to breakups.
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It's not surprising that some people take relationship splits in different ways, some get depressed for a while, some seem to take months getting over their breakups while others just act like nothing happened.

Usually it is the person who takes the breakup harder that loved more in the relationship and they tend to dwell more on why it never worked out.
Inspired by Beliefnet, here are 3 reasons people take breakups harder than others:
Losing yourself: When a person builds a future with their partners and it comes crashing down, it's really hard because they have lost themselves in this relationship. For this reason you fall apart because you can't see yourself existing as an individual anymore. This is the reason you should never lose sight of what makes you special in any relationship.
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Rejection: Everyone wants to be desired but some people take it as a priority and feel rejected as the result of a breakup. The fear of being rejected is the reason they'll find it hard to get a new partner.

Internal insecurities: Devastated people often ask themselves after a breakup 'wasn't I good enough?' or 'Is there something wrong with me?'. This is because of the insecurities they feel and they also refuse to recognise nothing is wrong with them.
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