4 things couples should never do in a se .x.less marriage

A sexless married life can cause panic to even the most conservative of couples and they tend to find solution to this issue in the wrong places.


For a successful relationship, here are 4 things couples should never to do when experiencing a se..xless marriage.

1. Don't panic if your se..x life dwindles or becomes less fulfilling. Se.xual desires are bound to change and you'll experience irregular desires in a long marriage.
Couple in bedplay

2. Don't put pressure on your spouse because you want to revive your se..x life. It'll make everything worse not better.

3. Don't be shy about telling your partner what puts you in the mood to have se..x. Be as honest as possible and try to add humor if there's a bit of awkwardness.

4. Don't make your partner feel bad about their sexual desires, it's not easy open up even to a spouse. Try to reach a compromise with them, no pressure of any kind.
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