5 easy ways couples can communicate effectively with each other

Sometimes in marriage, level of communication between couples dwindle and it gets harder to express your feelings towards each other, because you don't talk everyday.

Instead of waiting for the worst thing that could happen in your marriage, you can work towards taking it back to the way it once was.

Life gets busy especially with kids, jobs and extended family but you can work together as a couple to get your marriage back on track.
Inspired by Marriage.com, here are 5 easy ways couples can communicate effectively with each other
1. Communicate with love, admiration and respect: Talk with your spouse rather than talking down on them or at them.

2. Go away together: Sometimes, it's okay to just leave everything behind and just have some time alone with yourselves, no distractions.

3. Communication should be mixed with fun and laughter:Life is not about being serious all the time. Make your conversations very enjoyable  then you can proceed to saying about your issues.

4. Remember why you got married: Focus on what you love and cherish about each other, this should be motivating enough.
5. Create time to talk: Scheduling a talk time between you  and your spouse. Look forward to it each day and watch your level of communication get better.
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