5 reasons cheating is common in marriages

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Sometimes you see couples at the brink of a divorce due to problems arising from infidelity.
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Emotional or sexual infidelities increase when carelessness enter into a marriages, this is one of the reasons for cheating.

In successful marriages, couples understand that there's a tendency to cheat so they'll do everything possible to avoid that.

Inspired by YourTango, here are 5 reasons cheating is common in marriages

1. When couples think they'll never get caught: The odds of cheating being found out has increased in modern times unlike before when it was easy. Once couples become careless, the thought of getting found out becomes the least of your concerns and it becomes easy to think no one suspects you.

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2. The grave consequences of cheating has never occurred to you: Being betrayed by a partner isn't an easy thought to handle. The person you trusted is cheated and that spells doom for your marriage. No one really wants to go through that.

3. You assume your spouse doesn't care anymore: Life could get in between your lives, children and jobs could hold your attention and you may not pay your partner any attention anymore. Couples should always try to clear out time for each other.

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4. Infidelity runs in your family: If there's  a history of infidelity in your family, you are more likely to tow that line than sticking to one person. Share your values with your spouse and know where you both stand on cheating.

5. Opportunities to cheat: It's hard to resist temptation, but there are ways to resist  temptation. Keep in touch with home whenever one of you is away.

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