5 secrets to moving on from your horrible relationship

If your relationship doesn't make you a better person then it's a horrible one.

For every single man or woman out there who has tried to make things work in their relationship and no positive result, maybe it's time to stop holding on and try to move on.

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Inspired by Your Tango, here are 5 secrets to moving on from your horrible relationship:

1. Accept that your partner would never change: You can't change them into what you want them to be, they can only change when they are ready period!

2. Move on like you are moving on: It means cutting contact in every way possible, social media, their favorite hangout spots, just let them go.
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3. Agree and accept you deserve better in your life: You are worthy of love and need someone who'll reciprocate the same amount of love you are willing to give. Convince yourself that you can do without all the drama in your life that is causing you too much pain.

4. Don't try to make your messy relationship better: You can't make your relationship better than it is right now. There's no point staying with someone who makes you miserable on the inside and angry on the outside.
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5. You'll be happier if your partner treated you well: A person who loves you would never make you feel inadequate or break you down. They love you unconditionally.

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