6 Disgusting Things Guys Do When A Lady Says NO SEX

1.He Refuses To Give Her T-FareHe labels her as a GOLD DIGGER if she dare ask for T-fare after which she had denied him of entrance.
2. He Becomes Overly Stingy It’s no news that many guys exhibit ” my money does not go for free attitude”. The notion that nothing goes for nothing has turned many into becoming overly stingy.
3. His Love For Her Head On Diminishing ReturnsIn the world of today, se..x now seems to be the talk of the day. Many want to get laid so as to beon top of the game and brag to their friends about it. When no hope of bleeping is coming forth after several attempts, they lose interest and their love or chase head on diminishing returns
4. He Lies About Stomach DisorderI don’t know if this is medically proven but I have occasionally overheard many guys complained about stomach disorder when they are unable to discharge their fluid. Many will act like they want to die just to make the lady have compassion on them and let them have their way
5. He Acts AggressivelyThose who only see ladies as se.. x gadget would act violently and aggressively like soldier going for World war III. They become so rude and disrespectful towards ladies just because they want to get under her skirt without commitment and dump her in a wink
6. He Turns Back And Acts Like You Do Not Exist
He turns his back to her and acts like she doesn’t even exist. In some cases, he wears his shirt and quickly pretend having an appointmentwith someone just to send her away
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