7 signs you are being too hard on yourself

Sometimes we become too hard on ourselves especially when things don't work out like they should.

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Self-criticism can take away your joy and you'll continue to second-guess yourself in everything you do which could bring about esteem issues.

Inspired by Your Tango, here are 7 signs that you are being too hard on yourself:

1. You try to play down your successes: Words like "It wasn't much of a big deal" isn't a good thing to say when you are clearly being praised for your efforts. You should learn to accept compliments when and where it's due.

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2. You are scared of taking risks: People who are too hard on themselves are scared of failing because they feel they have to be perfect all this time. Risk taking may bring out your imperfect nature.

3. Not appreciating your accomplishments: Everyone appreciates you except you. You constantly think you deserve more and will never be satisfied because of a constant thought that goes on in your head.

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4. You are also hard on other people: Your aim to be perfect would be passed down to others who walk in your circle. This may rub off the wrong way on them.

5. You always compare yourself to others: You constantly compete against yourself and others. The fact of life remains that there'll always be someone who'll be smarter, more good-looking , more successful and richer than you. Be the best version of yourself and you'll be more content.

6. You stay awake all night: Insomnia is almost your middle name and you spend the night worrying instead of sleeping.

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7. You constantly second guess yourself: Did I make the right choice? If you are hard on yourself, you'll always ask this question even when it's evident that what you are doing is right.

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