Are you a man eater? Check out these 7 top signs

Ladies, truth be told, being called a man-eater isn't a good compliment.
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Women who are called man eaters are known to go around breaking men's heart for fun. They feel powerful by causing the men-folk pain.

There are certain negative traits associated with ladies who do this, so you may want to watch out for them.
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Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 7 top signs of a man eater:
1. Man eaters are extremely sexual: They love to act naughty and very sexual people. They'll have a one-night stand without thinking about it for a second because they know they'll never see the man again. They'll always lead him into believing she likes them more when she doesn't.

2. Man eaters are emotionally unavailable: They'll leave a man hanging if they notice he's being emotional with them and guess what? they'll never feel bad about it. They'll even say they didn't do anything wrong.
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3. Man eaters don't think: They act before they think of the consequences, as long as what they do makes them feel good.
4. Man eaters are flirts: They are always single and available. They'll flirt with any male as long as he moves and have no boundaries. They love to see how much they can get away with.
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5. Man eaters are selfish: More than often, these people put themselves first and will hurt others on purpose as long as it gives them the desired satisfaction. They know how to play mind games with men, knowing it'll hurt them just because they see it as some kind of sport.

6. Man eaters are cocky: They have this mindset of being the best thing any man can ever have. So they think they are doing any man they come across a favour. It doesn't matter whose happiness they are destroying.
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7. Man eaters are never satisfied: They'll want the attention of one man to day and another man the next day. They are always on the lookout for something better.
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