Billionaire Wife, Dabota Lawson, Caught Cheating on Husband [Must See]

 In my desire to make society better, I will take this from a positive angle. If a woman can't train her daughter well, even if she gets married to the richest man in the world, her true character will be exposed soon and with time the man will send her back to her parents as a rejected or divorced wife.

These days women are depending too much on spiritual manipulation to control a man's heart than show him some respect and true love. Dear ladies, there is no substitute for true love. Just get it right!

Some ladies complain that their man is not spending enough on them, but here you have a rich man who spends lavishly on you; expensive trips, hotels, designer clothes, yet you can't love him for real?

I just dey laff how some ladies are using their hands to destroy themselves.

details below:

    According to a very reliable source, Dabota Lawson’s marriage has sadly hit the rocks just 8 months after getting married to billionaire, Sunny Aku. The source said Dabota was accused of infidelity by her husband after his people caught her at a hotel in Lagos with someone else, with her Range Rover plate number smartly covered... indeed the roof is on fire. 

    The source added that Chief Aku has vowed not to take her back as he can't be sharing his wife with guys who are not even as rich as he is. It is known that Dabota has been an envy of many ladies, especially those who like to marry rich men.

I hope this is not true and that she still enjoy her husband's confidence.

The thing is whoever is the guy a lady is cheating with, he wont even trust her or take her serious. If a guy knows that you are engaged or married and yet you are opening your legs for him, he can never trust you. He will just be enjoying your body for as long as the fun will last. Even if you visit a spiritualist to tie his heart to marry you by force, it is only a matter of time, that your juju will fail.

Ladies, learn to live right and enjoy a beautiful life that will let you be at peace with God. Deceit, lies and charms are not the best way to have a good life. Such stupid actions always end in disaster.
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