Dear Readers: Be Careful Who You Are In A Relationship With (Read What Happen To This Lady)

At a very young age people used to call me “the richest student”. I am very industrious and before I clocked 20 years, I was a millionaire and could afford most things that my mates couldn’t afford. Fast forward to a couple of years, I graduated from university and starting working in the financial sector and also a business on the side which was another source of income. I became involved with a guy in 2013 and boy…. he was a stunner and I fell hopelessly in love with him. However, all of a sudden I realized that I was always broke, my accounts were in reds.

In fact I took a loan for my business and everything was just upside down. I had a good job and a lucrative business but I just couldn’t find the money. I was always broke and asking my siblings for money, nobody could understand what was going on neither did they believe I was broke.
I BECAME A RICH BROKE ASS, i would beg my sister to send money to me for lunch, i cried one day when i couldnt use the P.O.S to pay for my food as i cant withdraw less than 1k using the ATM, my friends didn’t understand why i couldn’t pay for their aso-ebi or follow them on trips abroad. However, i realized that every time my guy and i took a break, business becomes lucrative and i had money but when we get back together then i became broke again, at first i thought this was my imagination but it happened so often that i decided we should break up. Sweetheart, we have broken up for few weeks now and you wont believe how much i have been smiling financially, it feels like magic, you wont believe the things that have happened in these few weeks.
Guyz/Ladies, please review the people you are dating and see if your life has been better or worst since you started dating them, all of you that think you are dating humans not knowing that you have been dating antelopes. LOLZ I found out that my ex was a dog and maybe through his numerous escapades he might have inflicted this upon himself because even his finances is a story for another day,,
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