Ladies Only - The only reason to date your friend's ex boyfriend

Many people say 'never date your friend's ex-boyfriend' and how it breaks the girl code. But according to relationship and life coach Marie Dubuque, it all depends on the situation between your friend and her ex.


"if enough time has elapsed and your friend is over him in a reasonable way, then it's okay to date your friend's ex", Dubuque says.

A reasonable time is if after a year your friend is still not over her past relationship then it's okay to date her ex, the relationship coach says this is because you shouldn't let your friend's grievances stop you from dating someone you like doesn't matter if it's your friend's ex.


You should also advise your friend to seek help because a year is quite enough time to get over a failed relationship.

Aside this, if your friend just broke up let's say about a month and she's still grieving over ex boyfriend, then you'll really be breaking the girl code if you get into a relationship with your friend's ex.

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