OMG! See What This Pastor Is Doing To His Female Members [PHOTOS]

 South Africa is fast becoming a country where Pastors do all sort in the name of miracles. This pastor was said to have prayed 'snake spirit' into some ladies in his church. According to his church's post, a lady named Naomi manifested the spirit. Here is how the church reported it:

 "During the service the man of God Prophet Penuel commanded the Spirit of Snake to enter one of the Congregants, Sister Naomi from Soshanguve. She began to manifest as the Snake and the man of God commanded the Spirit of Snake to come out. The Woman was set Free. We have the Power to control every Kingdoms without being possessed, for we are raised above all (Colossians 3) To God be the Glory.

Snake spirit coming in and going out... itssokay! 
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