PLEASE HELP! My Woman Deceived Me With Fake Ikebe and B0.0bs........What Do I do?

Sadly, stuffs that do not matter in real life marriage are taking the front burner. Read this guy's tale:

I am really upset, disappointed and angry. I have been dating this lady for about a year now and I had made up my mind to settle down with her. I really like her because she is exceptional in many rewards.

When we started dating, she told me of how she would like to honour our relationship by not having s*x before marriage. Although, she told me that she is not a virgin. I accepted because well I was 32 and she was 25 and I am a good man who just want to good lady for a wife.

But some how along the line of our relationship after we had our formal introduction with both families, we got carried away and we agreed to have s*x.

It was during the action that I noticed that my fiancee had very small "oranges" and her "ikebe" is very flat. All the while, she has been wearing stuffed bra and butt to accentuate the stuff.

I really like this babe, but I am not sure I can stand a girl with small oranges and flat behind. 

My parents are pressuring me to get married plus we've had our introduction. I don't want to cheat on my wife in marriage. I don't know what to do!
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