She treats me as if I’m her personal se. x machine

Dear Bunmi, FOR over 15 months, I’ve fallen madly in love with a girl I thought I had a future with, not knowing that all she wanted from me was se x. She told me to my face that I was reading too much into the relationship. As far as she’s concerned, both of us are enjoying a fantastic se xual experience and I shouldn’t have got emotionally involved. As if this isn’t devastating enough, she told me she was relocating abroad where she once studied. Her older siblings are there.
 Love She refused to give me her forwarding address and said I shouldn’t bother with e-mails as she would change her e-mail address as soon as she gets there. I’m completely gutted. I thought we had something special after spending so much time with her. We met at a friend’s birthday party and we got along almost instantly. In the months we’d been together, we’ve had mind-blowing sex. The girl is simply amazing! In spite of the fact that most of our best times together were se xually based, I fell hopelessly in love with her. I wish she feels the same way about me. Recently, I had things out with her and we had the most terrible bust-up. She didn’t see any reason why I was so upset by her flippant attitude. I called her cold and predatory. She laughed in my face and called me weak and unrealistic, that I was also too possessive. She leaves in a few weeks; but tells me she’s open to quickies as often as I want. Isn’t she pathetic? She carries on as if I’m her personal se  x machine. She doesn’t care about my feelings at all. How am I going to get over this heartache? Jonathan, By e-mail.Dear Jonathan, As you may well have realised, we all experience upsets in life. Being let down is frustrating and annoying, but you will get over this, believe me. It’s unfortunate that your girlfriend turns out to be such a blatant user. Many men would have loved to be in your shoes because of the no-strings attached se x. This shows that women could be just as capable of being predatory as men. At least she was honest about her sexual needs and desires. She didn’t lead you on and promise you the world like some women do, only to dump you at the last moment. Try not to let this relationship make you bitter. This girl never promised what she couldn’t deliver. Finish with her now and look forward to starting life afresh in the New Year. Any valuable lessons you have learnt in this relationship should guide any new ones.
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