Top 10 things couples love about marriage that doesn't include se. x

We are constantly told how important sex is to married couples in their relationships, many experts insist that a se.. xless marriage could completely crash whatever connection they

It is also believed that se.. x is important in keep a couple happy and in-love which is the reason why married couples should have a lot of se.. x consistently for a healthy marriage.

A recent research carried out by Daily Mail says contrary to belief, spouses still enjoy a happy and long-term healthy relationship while having less se.. x or no se.. x at all as the years roll by.

Couple in bedplay

According to Daily Mail, couples were asked the top 10 things they liked best about their relationship and se.. x didn't even make the list.
The couples' answers are below:
1. Trust.
2. Talking and listening.
3. Being in love and/or being loved.
4. Being happy.
5. Sharing values and interests.
6.  Being cared for and feeling supported.
7. Laughing together.
8. Sharing a close relationship.
9. Feeling safe and secure.
10. Being best friends.

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