Why partners should talk face-to-face more rather than text each other

With the latest technology in our lives, it would be important to realise that people have grown apart not because there's no connection but they have allowed technology to come in between what they share.
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Many modern couples would rather text than call or have a face-to-face conversation. You lose touch with each other rather than form a bond if the texting trend is continued.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are a few reason why having conversations face-to-face is better than exchanging texts:
1. To have a better and deeper connection: Sometimes texting isn't just enough especially when you want to speak your mind concerning a situation. If you want to break up or make up, texting takes away the seriousness of the situation.
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2. To engage on more than one level: Body language is everything, from eye contact to the touch of your hands. How are you supposed to know what you both feel at certain times if you keep your conversations strictly to texts.

3. To understand their tone: A happy conversation goes way beyond just texting 'lol', emotional connection is lost sometimes if you can't hear your partner laugh at your jokes or giggle. Laughing over a small fight on the phone could make any grudge you have disappear rather than texting a simple 'lol' which may be misinterpreted.
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4. Face-to-face gives confidentiality: Sometimes texting could rid you of that confidentiality you seek. A simple phone call could make the other person know that you tell them must not be told to any other person.
5. To clarify a misunderstanding: What better way to settle your differences than a face-to-face conversation, doesn't matter if it's a long distance relationship, a video call will do to enable you resolve your conflicts. This way you'll feel like your partner is listening to you and you are equally listening to them and it'll help you both avoid trading insults with each other.
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