Why you argue and breakup or makeup

According to relationship expert, Alduan Tartt,  couples argue then breakup because they fail to realise the basic insecurities in each other as a man or woman.

For men these basic insecurities include inadequacy. Men don't want to be shamed or appear lesser than anyone else, men love to protect their egos.

For women, they don't want to be left alone or unprotected. During an argument, as a woman you point out all his inadequacies and tell him things he isn't doing then the man in turn shuts her down by turning things around, making her feel isolated. This is one sure way to break down a relationship instead of building it up.

Most times it's not about what you are arguing about but how you are arguing about it. Your relationship might head for a breakup if you constantly make each other feel less yourselves during an argument.
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