3 things that'll make a man cheat on you

As much as cheating is a bad thing, sometimes it is caused certain situations or unfavorable characters displayed by one partner to another.


A man is responsible for the choice he makes, including the choice to cheat, but if as a lady you make it easy for him to do it, then cheating is inevitable.

Inspired by YourTango, here are 3 things that'll make a man cheat on you

1. You do not appreciate him enough

Everybody loves to be showered with praises and appreciated by their partners. Once this stops and disrespect and ungratefulness creeps in , you can be sure your man will find some other woman that’ll fill in that position temporarily.

2. He cheated on someone else to be with you

It’s simply a case of what goes around comes around. A woman of integrity wouldn’t want to with a man who’ll cheat on someone else rather than come clean about his feelings.

3. You are insecure

Nobody likes an insecure woman. A man cannot hang around an insecure woman for too long, he’ll walk away with someone else. You have to trust that you man will not cheat on you which means you have to be confident and smart, those are sexy traits that’ll make a man want to stay with you.
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