4 ways to be happy at work

Idris Elba

Working in Nigeria can be tedious and challenging sometimes. A lot of people, are not quite happy to be at their jobs. For those people, here are 4 ways to stay happy and fulfilled at your job:

Change the script:

Rather than see yourself as just another employee doing something ordinary, how about you write a motivational quote or description about your job title, like “I am sanitizing and aiding the healing process of patients by providing janitorial duties.”
Look out for results:
A great to get motivated in the workplace is by seeing the positive result of what you do provided you do the job well. Ask for a review and keeps tabs with the people who you provide service to.
Harness your strengths:
Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Play up your strengths and work on your weaknesses and this way you will most definitely feel more useful at your workplace.
Commit yourself to the work:
Let your work speak for you and the only way to do that is by fully investing yourself in the work. Everyday you come in, tell yourself that this may as well be your company and you won’t let it crash so you’ll work like never have.
Try these out the next time you’re going to work and see how your performance improves over time.
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