4 ways to create your own happiness


There’s so much going on with the Nigerian economy and in these times it may be hard finding true happiness. The truth is that in good or bad times, we have to create our own happiness.

Thus, the next question is that how do we increase our own happiness? We present you four ways that you could create your own happiness:

Be a volunteer:

One of the surest ways to being happy and fulfilled is to give back to the community. There are many non-profits or non-governmental organizations in Nigeria that are trying to make a difference. Join one for about 2 hours a week and make a change in someone else’s life.
Go deeper:
Don’t just look for happiness in the rewarding moments, look for long term meaning to your life by doing the things that reward others and provide service. Temporary happiness is great but long term memories make more happiness.
Schedule your happiness:
This sounds weird but it’s effective. Figure out the things that make you happy and that give you memories and plan ahead for them. Put them on your calendar and make sure to revisit them as often as you can.
Bad job:
One of the easiest ways to get frustrated and fall into a depression is to stay in a job that you hate terribly. No matter how financially secure the job makes you, leave the job if you feel unfulfilled. Better to have a sound and happy mind and lacking wallet temporarily.
Look out for these four tips and let us know how they affect or change your perspective.
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