5 ways couples can motivate each other

Sometimes you lose your spark not because you aren't a go-getter but facing some life struggles might dampen your fighting spirit a bit.

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Everyone who know what they want face such times in their lives; all they need at that moment are support, encouragement and care from loved ones around them especially from their partners. This is enough to boost their confidence in order to stay motivated.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 5 ways couples can motivate each other:

1. Pep Talks

Having that ‘talk’ with your partner is one thing you can do for them. Remind them how hard-working, talented and ambitious they are. Also remind them of past accomplishments as this will in turn get them back in line towards their goals.

2. Don’t push

Just offer support and help if necessary. Pressuring them will throw them off balance and stop any progress they’ve made so far, rather make them feel secure.

3. Emphasizing on the positive

You can always talk about the positive things your partner has done in the past. You’ll be surprised at how happy they’ll be to continue.
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4.  Suggest they start small

Sometimes starting at all can be very scary. It’s better to suggest a small start for your partner; they can start by listing small steps they’ll towards their goals.

5. Search for the cause

There’s always a reason why motivation dropped. You can start by tracing the reason for the problems they are facing, so a workable solution can be found.
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