Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

images (29)Abstinence from sex (oral, anal or vaginal) is the only behavior that is 100 percent effective at preventing teenage pregnancy. In fact, the National Campaign stresses that abstinence from sex is the best choice for teens as it avoids early pregnancy, parenthood and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Planned Parenthood reminds teens that remaining abstinent is a behavior choice and it can be difficult for some people but so far the best practice.
As a mom, I am already teaching my children about abstinence.  The “talk” about safe sex should also include”what it means to sleep with a boy emotionally to your daughter, says Dyan B. “I would talk to them about sex and what it involves emotionally and physically.
-Learn to say “No“. This includes saying no to anything you feel uncomfortable with. Whether it’s refusing to have a boyfriend, have any kind of physical contact, have sex or have sex without protection or no to sex at all, there is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself. The only 100% safe way to avoid pregnancy is to NOT have sex, Do not let any one pressurize or sweet mouth you to it, Use your head not ur mind.
-Teach Her to Respect Herself. Don’t just ‘be there;’ You have to talk to her, ask her questions, explain to her how boys her age act and why they seem to always want sex….stuff like that. I think if girls have good parents and learn to care about themselves, they might not have go looking for attention in a boyfriend, and maybe they won’t make the choice of not being careful during sex. With my girls, I will teach them (and am currently teaching this to them now) that they can always come to me with any question about anything. They can always tell me their feelings about anything, no matter what. I will also teach them how to have self control…and how to say ‘no’ to any advances they may get from boys.”
-Do not give in to PEERS PRESSURE. Many teenagers can feel left out or behind when their friends start to have boyfriends, having sex, “fun”, relationship or dates. Those who have started to do these things early can often talk about it enough to make others feel left out. However, if you do stand your ground and wait until you know you are ready, you will be glad of it. It means you’ll have waited for the right person and the right time.  Everyone develops at different rates, both physically and mentally, so don’t feel that you should be racing your peers for things like having sex and getting boyfriends. Many of your peers will regret their choices in time. Others could even be lying. Don’t just follow the multitude to do what they are doing use your head.
-Encourage Abstinence. Chose abstinence as the best practice numerous moms believe in underscoring this message with their daughters. “emphasizing how it is God’s plan that they wait for marriage.”
-Lay Out the Consequences. It may sound harsh, but many parents say they have had to be very frank and sincere with their daughters and explain that if they get pregnant and have a child, they should not expect their moms or dad to step up and take on the parenting responsibilities.  “I would offer my support, but make it clear that I would not be a mother to that child.” – from a parent. Some mothers says the best way to stave off unwanted pregnancy is to discuss what the options would be if their daughters did get pregnant, once a teen mom herself. Since any choice, whether adoption, teen parenting, or abortion, has consequences, a discussion like this can be eye-opening for a teen.  “If she came to me pregnant, after I stopped yelling, I would present her with her options. Abortion is not a personal option for me, so I would never suggest it for my child, but I would give her the pros and cons of adoption and parenting. I would make her check out an adoption agency, and also sit down with another teen mom to talk about teen parenting.”
Know what will and won’t result in pregnancy. With sex in general, there are a lot of myths about what will get you pregnant and what will keep you from getting pregnant. A lot of these myths are simple misinformation, and some of them are lies designed to deceive you. Arm yourself with the facts and lower your chances of pregnancy the safe, smart way. Know that unprotected vaginal sex has the highest likelihood of resulting in pregnancy. Male sperm fertilizes the female egg, resulting in the growth of a fetus. Also know that unprotected sex also carries a high risk of disease and infection.
-Don’t Make Sex a Taboo Subject. Many parents contend that sex needs to be discussed openly. The worst thing you can do is say you won’t discuss sex with your daughter,  talking regularly, providing information on safety, and never allowing sex to be a taboo in discussion with your daughter that this won’t be a situation that we have to deal with, “I think making sex NOT A TABOO is probably the most important part,” The more ‘wrong they think it is, the more anxious they are going to be to try it. Information is key. ”
What would you do to try to keep your teen daughter from getting pregnant?
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