Effects of Social Media on spouses

With over 1 billion people on Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc chances are that one or both members of a relationship are updating, checking, or changing their status, pictures, or profiles on either of these media on a regular basis.
Social media websites can have a negative impact on a relationship. Facebook and twitter, for example is such a great way to enhance relationships – to keep in touch with family and friends. But do you know anyone who spends hours in front of a computer, giving much attention to checking statuses and posting and knowingly or inadvertently ignoring his or her obligation to spouse is indirectly asking for trouble.
Some spouse spend excessive on social networking . Instead of spending quality time on household/house shores or relationship priorities, too much emphasis is given to sitting around looking at the computer, or devices checking out Facebook or Twitter updates. I am not saying that social media is bad, however, like most things, it is better in moderation.
Connecting with people of your past relationship of opposite sex can cause issues such as lack of trust and honesty in a relationship. or sprouting up unnecessary suspicions by spouse. Writing messages is seen by many as an harmless means of communicating, but just because the contact is not personal, as in, face-to-face, does not mean that the messages wouldn’t be hurtful to a spouse or misconstrued as flirting or more than just innocent chatting.

Some spouses even find out about a partner’s affairs or extra-marital activities via social websites.
Despite what some people may believe, everything on the world wide web isn’t factual. Sometimes words or posts or messages that are written are false, or simply misconstrued (just because you read it on the internet, does not make it true). Unfortunately, there are people out there who will purposely use social media to cause trouble, and there are many examples of this sinister side of social media. what about impersonating and fall victim of it. Many fictions associated with social media can quickly cause a rift between among couples and lead to even bigger problems (such as divorce) down the road.
Some couples may blame computer sites for their break-ups,or some claims its virus invaded. Whether they were the cause of or contributed to problems already happening in the relationship try as much as possible to minimize time spent on media and also mind the use of your words plus the site u visit or click on. These sites also have been used as evidence in family law courts. Be well aware that anything you post out there on these social media sites can or might be used against you in an Arizona family court or in any divorce or child custody hearing. Be careful what you post as it could be misconstrued to be something that is isn’t.
Most times it could lead to this?
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