Find out how being handsome could be bad

Ogaga Sakpaide

Whoever said it was easy for handsome men, has never worked at a white color job. According to a new study, it turns out that attractive men are less likely to have success at their workplace.

The struggle is real for a handsome man in the workplace! According to research carried out in the US and UK, handsome men are often more seen as a threat by their bosses and thus, are less likely to score equally powerful positions.
The study consisted of researchers at University College London’s School of Management and the University of Maryland in the US carrying out four diverse tests in four different offices, according to the Daily Mail.
The research discovered that when men were hiring other men, their decision was negatively influenced by the pretty looks of the candidate and the type of job. Meanwhile, the opposite was the case with the women.
"Managers are affected by stereotypes and make hiring decisions to serve their own self-interests so organizations may not get the most competent candidates" according to professor Sun Young Lee, head researcher at the University of Maryland. "With more companies involving employees in recruitment processes, this important point needs attention. Awareness that hiring is affected by potential work relationships and stereotyping tendencies can help organizations improve their selection processes."
This means it's not just managers wanting to further their personal selfish desires. Stereotyping also comes into play. And it’s not just with the white collar jobs. The Daily Mail also reports that actor Rob Lowe claims his good looks have been an obstacle to furthering his career in Hollywood.
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