Kim Kardashian Attempts To Break The Internet Again With This Crazy N@ ked Photo!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kanye West's wife, she says she has nothing to wear!

Kim Kardashian shared this stark naked selfie on Instagram. She gave birth to her second child in December, so the body which we see in the selfie is quite a come back. 

Which made me very suspicious about the photo. It looks photoshopped because a photo was released last month by nosy paparrazzi, and in that pic, we see Kim with a typical post-natal bulge, which is perfectly normal for every woman who has carried another human being in her body for almost a year. How she was able to attain this kind of flat belly in less than a month is a mystery to me.

Things like these put women under pressure to gain their pre-pregnancy figures back instead of giving themselves time to heal.

Hey ladies, news flash, social media is full of fakeness!! Don't let the Kims of this world make you feel bad about your bulges, flabs and extra tires.
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