Possibilities In Your Marriage And Affairs

If man can make away through the rock, then God can do more than what you expect in your marriage or in that affairs that seems so difficult and hectic.possibility
When half of all marriages break up in some countries, it’s obvious that many couples are in trouble. Sadly, the stress seems to be only increasing from many directions
A successful marriage is not the one where people don’t argue, but the one where there is more listening, than yelling, more loving than hating, more understanding than accusing and more giving than taking. Many believed that once married, all will be rosy, going to be sunshine and rainbows. We will never fight, we will never go to bed angry at each other, and we will always have time for each other no matter what. Then, reality hits, and we realize that it’s not really going to be as easy as we’d originally thought. Our happily ever after isn’t unattainable, but it does requires loads of attention, affection, consideration, compromise and above all, hard work. We’ve all heard the statistics: more than fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. Ouch. That is a lot, however you want to look at it. More than fifty percent of people decide to throw in the towel and go their own separate ways. But, what about the rest of them? The chosen few? The ones whom fate has blessed? The ones who enjoy the protection of Cupid himself? The ones who always appear happy and satisfied when seen in public with their partner and children? How do they do it? Well, they manage by sticking with it, through thick and thin, and always knowing that their marriage is their refuge, their safe place, and it is up to them to keep it that way. Sure, they disagree and argue from time to time, but they never forget the bottom line of their marriage who is GOD – LET HIM BE THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR MARRIAGE and that is the true recipe to a good marriage while you now put into consideration unconditional, long lasting love and understanding.
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