Smart people never make these 5 mistakes

Sometimes we make mistakes and vow never to repeat it because it has made us a lot smarter than we were before.

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The truth is, not everyone learns from their mistakes and they repeat it over and over again. You can stop yourself from repeating a mistake when you first acknowledge that it is one and find ways to avoid making them. Only smart people can achieve this feat.

Inspired by Huffington Post, here are 5 mistakes smart people never make:

1. Attempting to please everyone

Smart people know that this is unachievable because trying to please everyone makes no sense. Rather they choose the right thing to do.

2. Starting a project without a budget

A smart person will never embark on a project without a budget in mind.
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3. Believing in something that's too good to be true

Smart people ask serious questions and think twice about deal or people that sound too good to be true. They don't judge a book by its cover.

4. Losing sight of the main goal

Smart people do not deviate from an original plan. They work hard in order to reach a particular goal and although it may not happen immediately they weigh their priorities and never loose sight of the big picture.

5. Try to change a person

They know that a person can only change as the result of a personal choice. Smart people never think they can fix anyone because they known that they can't change anyone but themselves.
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