Tips to Get Over Breakup Syndrome

Many of us have suffered a breakup at least once when we were in our teens. Falling in love is the easiest thing to do when one is young and carefree.
It is also fashionable to be in a relationship, and when we feel attracted to another person, we feel a sense of happiness and comfort knowing that we are not going to be alone anymore.
What is true love?
Is this true love or just an addiction that is a form of escapism? We become dependent on another person when we get into a relationship. We hope to forget our past and look forward to sharing quality time with the person with whom we have entered into a relationship.
get-over-breakupInitially, we enjoy the love and adulation from our partner, so when there is an argument or threat to the relationship, we are unable to accept where things have gone wrong. We try to make amends or beg the other person to understand our point of view and if things do not work out we end up feeling depressed and blue.
Dealing with depression 
How can one deal with depression after a breakup? You need to consider if the love you feel for your partner was one-sided. Were you truly in love…or just in love with the idea of being in a relationship?
This is important to understand as it will help you get over your ex faster if you realize that you were not really in love with them but with the thought of being “in love.”
It is normal to get depressed when things do not work out right and you feel the absence of your loved one.
Here are a few tips for dealing with post-break up depression:
  • Accept the situation if you wish to move on. Believe me, this is the quickest way to get over someone.
  • Do not continue to mope and cry in the hope of getting that person back. Instead seek closure, and stop making contact with your ex.
  • Get rid of the photos, gifts, and other trivial items that you exchanged when you were dating. You do not need any reminders of the time spent together.
  • Meet friends and try not to wallow in self-pity alone at home. When you are out with other people, you will have less time to mope and sulk.
Time is the best healer 
Even though your heart is broken and you think you will never be happy again, with time you will find that the pain has eased and that you are able to think rationally again.
You may see your ex with someone and not feel any twinges. This is a good sign that denotes you are getting over your depression. At this stage, do not try to jump into a new relationship as the feelings you will have will stem from a rejection that normally occurs due to a rebound.
Enjoy the time you have doing things that you want to do without having to rush home because someone is waiting for you.
You will suddenly feel the cloud of depression lifting and you will start feeling light-headed and at peace again.
You will know when you are ready to get into another relationship but do not jump the gun. Your past experiences will make you a little more cautious, and you will soon meet your true love because this time around you are not rushing into a relationship
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