What qualities makes a true perfect gentleman?

Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice
a gentleman
Although you can not always judge a book by its cover. Every gentleman knows how to take care of himself and dress for success each time. Appearance accurately reflects your attitude and your state of mind, so if he is not put together it is more than likely he is cluttered on the inside too. You are addressed the way and manner your are dressed. In the end it is all about how you present yourself, and every gentleman knows how to clean up well. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you do good. Ensure that hygiene is on the top of your to do list before you leave the house or are expecting guests. Keep your nails kept and you facial and other hair neatly trimmed. Do not dress like a punk, for you will be treated like a punk. Dress like a man…I am not saying that you must be dressed in a tailor made three piece suite all the time. Dress in neat CLEAN and well ironed clothes that fits you well and fits your personality.
2) Respect:
For a true man respect is everything. I do know that everyone desires respect. We all know respect can not be bought but it must be earned. And by being a true man you will earn it. Every bit of it. Now in order to gain respect, you first need self respect. Love and respect yourself. Be proud of yourself not king of ego pride. This leads to so much more good things and people notice it. Pay respect to others where it is due and you are sure to see it returned.
3) Honesty:
You need to be honest to yourself and to others at all times. Lies always comes back and destroys you. One lie forces you to tell another until one is exposed. When someone catches you lying, you will lose their trust forever. Everyone respects a man who is honest, even if the opinions expressed pisses other people off. They will respect your honesty. Every respected man sticks by his word and stays true to what he says.
4) Integrity:
Your word must be your personal law. Integrity simply means doing the right thing when no one is around to check up on you. If you give your word to someone, keep it. If you are to meet someone and you cannot make it, inform them beforehand. This trait builds respect faster than illegal immigrants can build a shack.
5) Time Discipline:
Punctuality is one of the most important characteristics of a complete gentleman. There should never be a time when he makes you wait unless there is a legitimate excuse. A respectful gentleman will never let his lady wait for him instead will make sure to show up five minutes before time. This trait is extremely important. It speaks volumes about a man. NEVER be late. Be early. Always. If you are delayed and will be late for an appointment, inform them that you will be late.
6) Passion:
A real gentleman is hard working, passionate and diligent. He knows what he wants and he is not afraid to go for it. Every woman finds determination attractive, it is comforting to know that your man has goals and dreams, and he is not just going to wait for a miracle to happen. If you have passion for life, you will push for whatever you want, no matter how tough things get. And life can get tough. Perseverance coupled with passion will be you engine for success.
7) Thirst For Knowledge:
What you know defines a big part of who you are. A motivation to investigate and understand will give you the tools to constantly improve and become a more effective gentleman. This also means you should keep an eye on the news. A real man knows what is going on around him. This also gives you more conversation topics in case of a social event.
8) Perfect patience:
One of the traits of a true gentleman is patience. A true gentleman will understand your desire to wait, and he won’t judge you if you agree to move fast. He won’t question your morals, and he’ll fully support whatever decision you make.
8) Leadership:
A true modern gentleman can take charge if needs be. He is not afraid of taking charge and getting things done. Such man had confidence in them self.
9) Manly manners:
When he meets your parents, you’re not worried about what he’ll say. He’s never inappropriate, so you won’t spend all of dinner kicking him beneath the table. He’ll pull out your chair for you and hold open doors. Most importantly, he’ll treat you like you deserve to be treated. This is what we see in our minds eye when we think of a gentleman. Open the door for a lady, do not use profanity, stand up when greeting someone.
10) Small sweetness:
Please and the word thank you are tiny words with a big impact. It’s important for a man or anyone to show appreciation. Simple comments can make someone’s day. Don’t you love it when your hair is unexpectedly complimented?
11) Keeps calm:
Everyone’s allowed to get angry, but a gentleman handles his temperance in a serene way. When the highway is clogged with traffic, he doesn’t give the middle finger to his fellow drivers or raise abusive words on them. When he’s bothered by at work, he doesn’t throw out slurs. He knows how to handle his temper. He doesn’t let his frustration alter his personality.
12) Marvelous morals:
He would never take advantage of any girl irrespective of the girl’s age. He would never steal. He would never drink and drive. In other words, he wouldn’t do anything that he believes is wrong. He has strong morals, so he knows what his limits are.
13) Open minded:
In today’s society, everybody wants to throw in their own two cents and there is nothing worse than having someone there trying to make you see things the way they see them. A true gentleman agrees to disagree and respects other people’s opinion. Especially a true man knows how to respect different opinions instead of just selfishly demanding you to comply to his.
The art of being a gentleman is relevant for today, and it is accessible to every man both young and old.
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